Where will you place the OKC Storks rental? 

Once we get to the rental location we will find the perfect spot to display the stork. If you have a preference on where to put the stork, please let us know. 

How much does an OKC Storks sign cost to rent?

We offer a 3-day stork rental for $60 and a 7 day rental for $85 if you live within 20 miles of our home base (73120). At the end of each rental, we will leave the personalized baby bundle on your front porch that is yours to keep. 

When will my OKC Storks rental be delivered?

Please give us a call at 405-234-7337 or email at okcstorks@gmail.com once the baby is born. We require 24 hours’ notice to get your baby bundle, sibling stars, and dog bones customized, and ready to be delivered. 

What information do I need to order an OKC Storks?

We will need the baby’s first and middle names, date of birth, weight, and length.  We’ll also need the delivery address.  As for payment, we can process your credit card over the phone, or we also have Venmo and PayPal. 

Where do you deliver the signs?

We deliver to NW Oklahoma City, The Village, Nichols Hills, Edmond, Yukon, Piedmont, Bethany, Arcadia.

What do you offer for Baby Showers or Sip and See Events?

We offer stork rental in pink or blue for Baby Showers and Sip & See Events for $50. This OKC Storks offers a stork rental is for 24 hours. The bundle is personalized and is yours to keep at the end of the rental period.

Can the owners mow around the sign? What if the sign is damaged?

Please do not move the sign.  If the stork needs to be moved, please give us a call.  Please do not mow or weed around the stork.  Please do not attach balloons to the stork.  If the sign is damaged, the homeowner will be responsible. Please give us a call immediately at 405-234-7337 in case of any damage.

Do you provide Storks for multiple births?

We offer storks for twins for 3 day rental at $100 and 7 day rental at $140.