Let us help welcome home your new baby with OKC Storks! 

Celebrate your precious, new arrival by adding one of our 6-foot pink or blue OKC Storks available for rent for your front lawn. It’s a perfect way to welcome your new baby and tell your family and neighbors that your bundle of joy has arrived.

The Oklahoma Storks rental comes with a keepsake baby bundle, which announces the baby’s name, birth date, birth weight, and length. The personalized keepsake baby bundle is yours to keep at the end of each rental period and will be placed on your front porch.

Siblings and pets can share the fun too! 

Dont’s let the siblings feel left out in the fun. Siblings would love to see their own names on their very own personalized star signs. Your fur baby can also have his/her own bone sign. We offer Proud Big Brother or Proud Big Sister sibling stars, as well as dog bones! 

OKC Storks are also perfect for Baby Showers or Sip & Sees.  

Our birth announcement storks in pink or blue are a perfect addition to any baby shower or Sip & See event. Our storks stand tall and proud while announcing your event and welcoming the guests.

Loved the sign for my shower and perfect for photo opportunities! Can’t wait to do another one when the baby is born.

Teresa Fanning Lawson